Hail and Welcome

If you've just got here...

  • Firstly....thank you for joining this community of Witches! Our vision is to make this a place where we can share our experiences, support our fellow Witches, and feel safe in this space :)
  • Founded by Angie n Ian, as an answer to the shenanigans of fb and their blocking, sanctioning and censorship...plus the oddness of the trolls! LOL
  • This site works in the same way a lot of social media works...with the exception of the whole react/like scenario (this is used by fb to manipulate what is seen and not seen...we will have none of that!)
  • Here, you can post events (yours and other peoples) whether real-world or online; share your favourite Witchy-tunesand videos; submit an article you have written; get answers to your questions in our Forum; show us your Nature photography....there is much to do here!
  • Maybe you'd like to set-up and run your own group....it's here, just click on 'Create Group'
  • And this is your community...so, if you think it needs a little extra, you can contact us and we will put it to a vote :)
  • This is your community...so it is what you make it....and if you have any questions, please feel free to message me (Angie, or email thepathofwitchcraft@gmail.com)
  • Enjoy! xxxBFSWxxx
  • oh, ps...if you come across a technical hitch, or to report abuse...you can report it here